About Ashmore Consulting

Ashmore Consulting drives informed decisions when it comes to all aspects of site selection, economic development and business incentives. Committed to delivering the highest in quality service, we bring experience, relevant economic incentive and real estate market knowledge, cutting edge technology and comprehensive, tailored solutions. Our clients are industry leaders in need of a strategy and trusted partner to negotiate, implement and manage growth opportunities.

Key Qualifiers

Strategically negotiated, implemented and managed tax credits, grants and non-tax solutions for capital investment projects in 35 states and most regions of the United States

20 years of experience in various aspects of state and local taxation, site selection and business incentives

Serving startup to publicly held companies

Key Benefits

Positive Impact
Reduce tax burden, increase cash flow and realize significant bottom-line savings

Instant Focus
Gain immediate focus and ownership of the incentives process

Cost Effective
Reduce project costs related to both tax and non-tax incentives

deliver results
Define impact of incentives, find answers and secure value faster
What growth opportunities are you missing out on?
Find out now.

Recent Successes

Warehouse and distribution center relocation from the Southeastern United States to the Midwest –saved 50% of employee training expenses, 15% of moving expenses and 30% of total property tax
Software company start-up, first location – total incentive value secured $400,000 (includes job and investment tax credits)
Industrial manufacturer expansion – saved $44,000 of total property tax, 30% of infrastructure improvement costs
Distribution center performed an incentives review and check-up – found, re-secured and implemented incentives resulting in a 50% savings of employee training expenses